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Hi, it’s a pleasure meeting you!

I’m the guy behind the codes :D And this page is a bit about me.

I’ve been developing programs since Junior High. My first language was GWBASIC, and from there I’ve been coding in a rainbow of languages — Pascal (now I’m using Delphi), C/C++, Java, FoxPro (now I mostly do database-stuff in SQL Server/MySQL), HTML/CSS/Javascript, even Prolog and x86 assembly. Talked about variety there!

Anyhow, currently I’m working in MIS/IT department in CyberPower Inc. ( For programming jobs, I do web applications there (Microsoft platform) for both our website and intranet, as well as behind-the-scene apps using Delphi. Outside of CyberPower, I’m experienced in PHP/MySQL web development. So if you need to hire my expertise, here I am! With years of experience in developing database-driven systems, ecommerce and online presence sites, and custom applications, rest assured you’ll be in good hands.

Besides programming, I LOVE gadgets. Especially those that are modable/hackable. I’m not talking about those illegal/criminal hacks of course… What I mean is that I like to explore possibilities of enhancing my gadgets to do more. Like enhancing my low-end GPS with Text-To-Speech and spoken street names. Or enabling hardware-key shortcuts to my PDA phone. Oh if only I can have all the gadgets I set my eyes on….

What else is there about me? Well, I like to cook and to plant stuff. As a pleasure. Or for stress-relief, if I may say so. Even though sometimes they failed and possibly put more stress… Ha ha!

Anyway, this is a bit about me. Like this blog, we both are work-in-progress.

And yeah, of course any comments are welcomed!

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