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Google Mobile sites can’t remember your login?

This happened to me recently: Somehow I have to keep logging into my iGoogle mobile site on my Treo 800w. I used all I could: cleared the cached pages and cookies, restarted, switched to both Opera Mobile 10 and Pocket/Mobile Internet Explorer, and all failed :(

I googled this Google login problem to no avail. Unbelievably unlucky I was—Looks like I was the only person having this problem??? (Pssst: or perhaps Google removed these from the search result?)

But anyway, it works fine now, and I’m a happy person again (hyperbolically speaking :D). Read more to see how I solved it.

The facts I gathered were:

  • The problem was not browser-specific. It happened on both my Opera Mobile and Pocket/Mobile Internet Explorer
  • The problem was not due to temporary internet files and cookies. I cleaned them up (sometimes this can solve corrupted cache and cookie date, but in this case it couldn’t).
  • The problem was not due to the mobile device. I tried on Palm Treo 800w and HTC Touch Pro2, and both exhibited the same problem.
  • This is more of a hunch than a fact: I think it had something to do with Google authentication page/mechanism.

And yes, my hunch proved to be correct. These are what I did to solve this issue:

First, I logged in to the desktop site on my mobile device. Note that this is not the same as changing your mobile browser’s rendering/display layout to mobile, meaning that I had to go to on my mobile device (and I didn’t bother to change the browser’s rendering setting).

From there, I simply proceeded to log into my Google account. Scrolling, zooming, tapping the login button with my stylus, and finally it’s done. You won’t believe how slow and hard it was on my devices :P

And then, to verify it worked, I simply exited the browser and relaunched it to my iGoogle mobile site. And yes it worked! I even tried to restart my device, and yes it still worked. Hurrah!!!

So there you go. If you have the same problem, please try these couple steps. And let me know (ie. post a comment) if it works or not, will ya?

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