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Facebook Grid Picture

Psst.. wanna have fun with your Facebook Photo Album? Or you just want to jazz up your Facebook pic? Then you’ve come to the right place—I’ll show you how! If you haven’t notice, your pictures in Facebook are organized in a grid structure. To be exact: they will be in a four-column grid. And just […]

Can’t Verify/Link Google Webmaster to Google Analytics: “We weren’t able to verify your site”

Last week I set up a blog mirror at Blogger. Since it’s free, and it’s useful to add more channel/exposure to my site, so why waste it? Anyway, I added the posts, created the pages, linked it to my Google Analytics account, and everything were checked. Monetization was also set up properly. And lastly: added […]

Hello, World!

Hello, and welcome to my blog site. Currently I host this at (for free!), with domain name in Asides from occasional hiccups related to the free hosting account, it’s been pretty okay. I just need to remember to reconnect the FTP before saving my files, or else the save will fail. Well I […]