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Hello, World!

Hello, and welcome to my blog site.

Currently I host this at (for free!), with domain name in Asides from occasional hiccups related to the free hosting account, it’s been pretty okay. I just need to remember to reconnect the FTP before saving my files, or else the save will fail. Well I know it’s free, but still… free or not, this I think is not a good way to show one’s reliability. (I hope 000webhost is reading this… :D)

Edit on 11/23/2010: I finally fed up with 000webhost’s free hosting quality, and moved to Namecheap hosting instead. Now it’s more stable, and so far no downtime.

Anyway, I hope you like my blog site. Please enjoy my posts, click on the ads (please please please :D), leave some comments, etc. Oh, please give me suggestions as well on how to make this a better blog site.


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