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Let’s talk HTML and CSS: about DIV and SPAN

During my web development years, I got these questions a lot: How to convert an HTML table to DIVs and SPANs? How to put several DIVs on the same line? How to make give a SPAN width and height? Etcetera DIV, etcetera SPAN. So to make it easier to explain and refer to again later, […]

Facebook Grid Picture

Psst.. wanna have fun with your Facebook Photo Album? Or you just want to jazz up your Facebook pic? Then you’ve come to the right place—I’ll show you how! If you haven’t notice, your pictures in Facebook are organized in a grid structure. To be exact: they will be in a four-column grid. And just […]

Use the jQuery, Luke!

If you’re asking me what’s the most useful thing I ever come across when developing websites, my answer will be jQuery. In fact, that’s one of the top entries in my to-do list when doing website projects. So important and so useful to me, that it has saved my life!!! Well, actually it’s not THAT […]

Use XAMPP to serve data-driven personal websites

Related to the previous post on serving websites using a Windows 7 computer , my friend was asking if it’s possible to host PHP-based data-driven websites (using MySQL as the data storage) on his Windows 7 computer. Well, why not? Let’s talk about this a little bit….

Use IIS to serve websites from your Windows 7

Thursday, 11PM. I was cleaning up my desk, getting ready for my lunch break, when the Marketing Manager stepped into my office. “Ohai! All ready for your gaming expo?” I asked her casually. “Yep, pretty much. We’re also set for a survey-slash-raffle program, where our booth visitors can fill in their contact info and play […]