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Let’s talk HTML and CSS: about DIV and SPAN

During my web development years, I got these questions a lot: How to convert an HTML table to DIVs and SPANs? How to put several DIVs on the same line? How to make give a SPAN width and height? Etcetera DIV, etcetera SPAN. So to make it easier to explain and refer to again later, […]

Using Microsoft Download Manager to download large files

We are having a big project in my company. A pretty big one, which requires a couple of new servers running Windows 2008 R2 64-bit and SQL Server 2008 R2, with IIS (Internet Information Services) running and hosting local websites. And this project will save us time and money when it’s live. Unfortunately the project […]

Google Mobile sites can’t remember your login?

This happened to me recently: Somehow I have to keep logging into my iGoogle mobile site on my Treo 800w. I used all I could: cleared the cached pages and cookies, restarted, switched to both Opera Mobile 10 and Pocket/Mobile Internet Explorer, and all failed I googled this Google login problem to no avail. Unbelievably […]

Practice makes perfect: Basic algrebra spreadsheet

One adage that I keep telling myself is as stated in the title above: Practice makes perfect. Want to be good at computer programming? Practice! Want to be good in writing articles? Practice! Want to be good at web development? Taking picture? Problem solving? Practice, practice, practice! And with my son studying first-grade math now, […]

Facebook Grid Picture

Psst.. wanna have fun with your Facebook Photo Album? Or you just want to jazz up your Facebook pic? Then you’ve come to the right place—I’ll show you how! If you haven’t notice, your pictures in Facebook are organized in a grid structure. To be exact: they will be in a four-column grid. And just […]