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Google Mobile sites can’t remember your login?

This happened to me recently: Somehow I have to keep logging into my iGoogle mobile site on my Treo 800w. I used all I could: cleared the cached pages and cookies, restarted, switched to both Opera Mobile 10 and Pocket/Mobile Internet Explorer, and all failed I googled this Google login problem to no avail. Unbelievably […]

Beware: Too many invalid cPanel logins can cause you unable to see your site!

“Bro, we have a problem with the webmail,” my client called me on one windy afternoon. “Can you help?” “Sure! What’s the problem?” I replied. Client: “Can’t go to the website. Internet Explorer said something wrong with the connection.” Me: “Other websites OK?” Client: “Yep. Google, eBay, Facebook are all okay. Only webmail has […]

Can’t Verify/Link Google Webmaster to Google Analytics: “We weren’t able to verify your site”

Last week I set up a blog mirror at Blogger. Since it’s free, and it’s useful to add more channel/exposure to my site, so why waste it? Anyway, I added the posts, created the pages, linked it to my Google Analytics account, and everything were checked. Monetization was also set up properly. And lastly: added […]